Sunday, January 06, 2013

Tales from the Phone:01

Home from our travels, Holidays are over now it's time for real life.

We are about to become...SUPER!  Well really I have been taking the SuperMOM for 2 months, but I just got the kids one.  You can find them here, I really like them and they do seem to have gotten rid of the 3pm lull in energy, well most days!

We had a night at home alone, the kids were at the grands, it was nice.  We went to coffee, by ourselves, ahhh quiet coffee house:-)  I love this man, we talk and talk and talk, we never got to our books we brought;-P

A project FINISHED!  As with all my gifts I made for Christmas, I used material I already had, I am trying to use up the odds and ends of yarn I have accumulated, I love the color and texture of this yarn, BUT it is a PAIN to work with, glad its DONE!:-)

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