Sunday, January 27, 2013

iPhone Tales : 04

Beth and I out, at the nursery...could only mean ONE thing, the Home show is around the corner.  IN other words this weekend:-)  I am always glad to help out...Today we were picking pots, and plants.  Fun times!

Lunch of Falafel left overs, recipe found here

 Yummy Enchilada dinner, recipe found here. I made some alterations, I used my homemade chicken broth instead of vegetable broth, I used arugula, I like its peppery taste, and I had it:-)  We had an assortment of cheese, SO these enchiladas are filled with beans, arugula, corn, cilantro, and cheese (brie, parmesan, and feta).  It might sound strange BUT it was YUMMY!  Not quite Tacqueria style, but YUMMY!

I made these...They really do taste like Old Fashioned donuts!  Tom loved them as did the boys:-)

Some days my lunch looks like this, but not always!

This guy had pre-school, a lot of sick kiddos, I talked him into a bath right after:-)  A mid-afternoon bath always sounds good to me!

I'm drying these Apple Gourds I got at the pumpkin farm this last fall, right now they are pretty ugly, but when they are done and i paint them they will be beautiful:-)

I FINALLY finished our 2008 blog book!  YES I said 2008!  YIKES!  I am WAY behind, but ONE down, 4 more to go!

Pajama Day at school:-)

This guy wanted to participate too!

LOVE my days with this guy:-)

Playing Guess Who, this was a HARD day...Got some awful news, but remembering to be Thankful for him, and his brother and daddy, always gets me back on track:-)

Pajama day ended up being beautiful, so after school we hung out outside a little:-)

Just the clouds, on the way to Sacramento:-)  That's all just God's amazingly beautiful sky:-)

The only shot I got of the wasn't our greatest experience with these two, and it included Daniel LICKING the black top outside!  SERIOUSLY don't ask it's too gross!  But don't EVER ask your kids if they like the taste of dirt as they are playing in it while waiting for their food....just DON'T.

Daddy is big stuff in this house:-)  This guy just wanted to try on Daddy's shoes:-)

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