Sunday, February 03, 2013

iPhone Tales : 05

This place is great as long as you don't need help, on this morning my "to do" list was LONG and I needed somethings cut.  It was a ghost town...I couldn't find any help, ended up at their competition and got helped right away!

Preschool mornings with this guy:-)

 Made some YUMMY chocolate sauce to go with the Banana Splits we had for Tante Beth's birthday dinner:-)

Also made some eye cream, as I have been out for TWO days!  I actually really LOVE how it feels:-)

I finished a journal!  I've been following the SheReadsTruth plans, and using up the ends of journals I've started:-)  This is my second one, I am loving being in God's word almost daily!

Some mornings...REALLY need coffee!  OK who am I kidding EVERYDAY I look forward to that first cup!

My mom made me these AWESOME reusable cotton rounds, to go with my new handmade skincare:-)  I'm in LOVE!

While waiting for me to fix dinner, Daniel threw himself on the ground with a big sigh, I think he was declaring he was DONE with this day!

 Thursday morning Preschool!

Ms. Wendy the best preschool teacher EVER threw a Super Bowl party for the kids!  SO fun!

HE LOVES being with his BIG BROTHER, even if it's just watching him read:-)  

OK so he played with the paddle and the ball ALL.DAY after he came home from preschool!  Thanks again Ms. Wendy!

Then we decided to ride our bikes to pick up Holden...its quicker getting there than driving!  We brought Holden's scooter so he didn't have to walk:-)  Maybe someday we will get up early enough and we wont feel like its freezing so we can ride TO school.  I should say it was faster going to pick him up, because well Daniel was on the trailer, on the way home not so fast as Holden was slower on the scooter, but it was still fun:-)

I made these cookies, some were skeptical, but the result was yummy AND approved by everyone!  Even TOM!

This guy couldn't wait for them to cool, and burned his mouth:(  But still thought they were yummy!

This was Friday morning...the coffee was needed because of a night of being up all night with this point I had no idea my weekend was going to look VERY different from my "plans"  Apparently God had different plans, one of which I am convinced is to get me to let go of my tight grip on "my plans" and relying on my own ability to do EVERYTHING.  But it deserves a post all its own so it will come:-)

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