Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I started the day with a short workout AND some time in scripture!  Perfect way to start the day!  This is Psalm 27:14 good stuff!

We are not very good at getting ready for school in time NONE of us!  SO I knew I needed a special but quick breakfast, AND I knew that this day would include TONS O sugar SO I made pink smoothies and eggs:-) (the eggs were not pink, ew!)  I put the chocolate on Holden's and then thought about making a heart, so I did a heart on Daniel's.
It was OK though because Holden informed me he didn't like hearts and he was kind of upset that he had to put a heart on his valentine bag at school, or else it would have been blank...who knows?  I'm not a big heart fan either so I can't say I disagree with him.

THIS is why I gave them PROTEIN for their breakfast, because folks THIS was served up at 10AM to my little guy Daniel...LOVE Floats (cherry 7UP, with vanilla ice cream and a licorice straw), cupcakes, rice crispy treat, and various chocolates!  Hmmm....good thing it's only one day!  He ate the cupcake and rice crispy, and one chocolate, I got the rest off his plate and into his bag quickly, and then he tried the float but opted to only eat the straw:-)  We brushed our teeth when we got home:-)

Now please understand, I would never feed this to my children at home, BUT I know when we send them to school you let go a little.  I like to let them have a little fun, and Holden is very self limiting, a result form one bad over cupcaked incident when he was younger, this guy, well that remains to be seen...but again, it's one day, and it is fun for them and everyone else.

His valentine LOOT bag...He was allowed to have ONE candy from here as well, and then Ms. Wendy had the best idea EVER, we went to the park to run off some of that sugar!  YAY!  He had a fun day and LOVES school:-)

That night we cooked dinner together, we made grassfed (Thanks Joe) burgers with Carmelized onions and smoked gouda, YUMMMM!!! along with baked potato and sweet potato rounds, which the kids LOVE.  I love this man, and I LOVE cooking together, he encourages my passion and definitely appreciates all the recipes I try, although sometimes I think he just might like to have some of the recipes twice;-P

After dinner I made this yes it was a SUGAR filled day!

No One seems to mind!  

Happy Valentine's Day!  My boys are so precious to me, I am BLESSED!

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