Sunday, February 17, 2013

iPhone Tales : 07

Last Saturday when I organized my pantry I also put MOST of my recipes in Evernote.  Ahhh finally all my recipes in one spot, well there and Pinterest but I am working on moving those over too!  In the process I found recipes that came from Tom's mom.  This is one of them.  It is an Applesauce Cream cheese bread, YUM!  Although she says she doesn't remember making it, luckily Pam was here and could taste this yummy bread that came from her recipes!

This boy is too darn cute!  And we usually have about 10-15 minutes to kill after dropping Holden off before school:-)  So we hang out and sometimes we take pictures:-), check it out.  They do bible reading plans, you can join in as a community or you can be like me and SLOWLY go through them...although I am getting more consistent, and almost make it EVERYDAY:-)
Today this is from Matthew 12, "...For a tree is known by its fruit." and "For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." and the doozy, "For by your words you WILL be justified AND by your words you WILL be condemned."  I love scripture:-)

Daniel built a tower of puzzles AND then he parked some cars on it:-)

It's working!  I started a sourdough starter by catching wild yeast from the air!  I have tried THREE times before this to no avail!...YAY!  I am SO excited!

I made my own tortillas using this recipe, really its flour, baking powder, salt, coconut oil and water, EASY!  And tasty!

Holden had his first piano lesson, Daniel was VERY happy to watch!

Wednesday I had NO desire to cook, SO Tom took us to Jack's Urban Eats, YUMMMM Urban Fries! Afterward we gave them a little fountain time, we can't come here without them running around the fountain like 10 times and nearly falling in over the edge!

Valentine's FINISHED! Phew!  Holden assembled them all and signed them all EVEN Daniel's:-)

 My first sourdough loaf, and YES it was a brick, but the flavor was OK....must try more recipes:-)  I wont post the recipe for this since I some how bombed it...maybe my starter isn't quite ready!


 Another try at the sourdough loaf, this one looked better, but was still dense. hmmm more research and more trials:-)

When we arrived at our friends little g said, "Tom let's WRESTLE!"  "Tom when are we going to WRESTLE!"  Due to his recovering from his hospital stay and still feeling a little vertigo, he opted for wrestling on the couch!  No one seemed to mind!

Ahhhh Saturday morning pancakes! These were SOURDOUGH blueberry pancakes and they were a HIT!

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