Sunday, February 24, 2013

iPhone Tales: 08

After church it was such a beautiful day we decided ti go out to lunch AND eat outside!

Sunday Snuggles on the couch!:-)

It was Monday, it was a holiday, I thought it would be a good idea to head to IKEA, apparently so did every body else! Argh!

Ahhh, I finally made it out!

Afternoon tea, it just seemed right after my outing, AND it seemed like it should be served in my teapot!

It was a friends birthday and said friend LOVES marshmallows according to his wife, SO I made S'Mores brownies:-)  I lined the pan with graham crackers, and the made these brownies, baked them, then topped them with marshmallows and broiled it!  YUM!!!

Psalm 34:14 " Seek Peace AND pursue it."

Quite possible the most perfect loaves of bread I have ever made!

Sourdough blueberry muffins, of course I can't find the recipe now, sorry!

Thursday was a rough day, SO we decided we needed to go for a walk!

This guy is sick:(  I kept him home from school, THIS is proof that he is not feeling well:(

Sesame chicken in the crockpot, it's what's for dinner!

Just in case you think I am perfect...THIS is the lunch aftermath, and unfortunately this is how it stayed until I got ready to make dinner...

LOVE reading with this boy!

LOVE this boy!  THIS is what he wanted to wear to breakfast at the flower farm!  It was overcast breezy and cold!  At least I got him to put on a shirt, but he was SO cold he had to snuggle while he ate, and he had to eventually move inside!

Nothing like fresh squeezed blood orange juice to start your day off right!  He means serious business.

I started a project, I am quite excited about it!

The sourdough bread for our dinner!  Obviously I have been experimenting with sourdough!

Our friend Joe gave us some wild ducks, I tried to cook them tonight.  I have no idea what I am doing, but in the end it was not superb:(  Oh well, can't make tasty meals EVERY night!

This is what happens when I go out to buy beer, I was trying to try new stuff, AND I liked the bottle which I have been collecting for my new adventures in water kefir

It was definitely a week of kitchen experiments!

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