Friday, March 08, 2013


With my oldest son!  Holden's school was putting on a play, (3-5th graders) and, it was ANNIE!  My favorite, SO I thought it would be fun to have Holden all to myself and take him:-)  I had grand plans of dinner, and treats afterwards, BUT it was on a Thursday, so a school night and we had library, and lots of stuff after school, SO it was just for the show, but it was still fun!

We got to talk, he saw all his friends, and I think he had a good time!

"It's a hard knock life!"

I thought the cast did a great job, but it definitely gave me the itch to go see some professional Musical Theater! Ahem, are you reading this Tom?  :-) 

Next date is going to be Holden planned, well, he will get to pick what we do:-)  Daniel has already requested a date with mom as well.  :-) 

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