Sunday, April 14, 2013

Heard in Our House

I haven't done one of these in a while, but somethings I want to remember:-)

We were having dinner with our friend Joe, he lived with us for a little over a month, so he became part of our family, we still try to have dinner regularly.  Anyway, Joe LOVES movies, he's always asking about movies, if we've seen them.  Unfortunately we always say no, who has time?

This time he asked Holden and Daniel if they had seen any movies, and Holden says, we just got a new Veggie Tales movie.  So Joe said, "Oh yeah, what was the story?  What lesson did it have in it?"
Holden: "Well, it was like the three little pigs, only there was no brick house, only a wood house.  But it was about how you have to build on a strong foundation.  And that strong foundation is God and His word, and how your life needs to be built on God's truth, so you can be strong."  It was something like that.  Our friend Joe was speechless (which NEVER happens:-))  And then he laughed and said, "OK then, well I guess you got it!"  
Holden definitely gets it...well a lot of it, and his faith comes so easily its really fun to watch and talk to him about God and what he reads in his bible.

The other day Tom started asking Holden questions like, "Long is to Short as Wide is to ______" and Holden was getting them WITHOUT even missing a beat!  Tom quickly ran out of questions, and Holden kept begging for more, he STILL asks if we've found anymore of those questions!  I need to remember what they are called and look some up.  

Holden LOVES riddles, He loves when we ask them of him and lately he has been coming up with some on his own.  A few nights ago he stumped Tom, well he finally got it but he needed A LOT of clues!  
SO he says, "What is small and Yellow and has curves"
Tom didn't know so he asked for another clue.
Holden says, "It's has divots all over it" (this is actually a BAD clue)
Tom still didn't know
Holden said "you can hold it in your hand and you play games with it"
Tom still didn't know
Then Holden said, "It's fuzzy"
This is where Tom got it, this is also where I got it when Tom relayed the story to me:-)
DO you know what it is?

Maybe I'll make you wait:-)

One thing is for sure...We have a SMART boy on our hands who loves LEARNING...I wonder WHERE he gets that!?!?!

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April Rowley said...

they are called word analogies. I do them with my students all the time.
They are usually written like this:
story:read :: song:sing
story is to read as song is to sing

ear:hear :: mouth:talk
green:color :: five:number
in:out :: up:down
fish:scales: bird:feather
rabbit:fast :: turtle:slow

I have a ton, they are great for working on antonyms and comparing.