Sunday, April 14, 2013

iPhone Tales: 15

Sometimes waiting for brother is HARD work, and we have to entertain ourselves while we wait.  Which may or may not include hanging out the window and talking to all the passerbys.

I love CS Lewis and I loved this quote today!

The Light Sabers came!  My parents got the boys gift cards for Easter, Holden bought 6 books for his Kindle (they are already read at least once!)  and Daniel bought two light sabers, one for him and one for Holden.  They are BOTH very happy, Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

LOVE this boy!  He likes to have his picture taken as we wait for preschool to begin:-)

He loves that the light sabers hook to his belt, he wears his ALL the time!

We had a playdate with a friend here, it was fun!

Yay!  It's Friday and we are done with school!  Time for the weekend!

Saturday Morning:  Daniel was REALLY enjoying his milk!

I think the milk filled him up, because he was finished after a few bites, Holden on the other hand took down his breakfast AND Daniel's!  It's like we have a teenager in the house!

dinner with friends outside...Summer is ALMOST here!

It's been a year, It was time...goodbye long hair...

Getting ready...can you tell what hairstyle he requested????

Almost done...

 Ahhh...A mohawk!  I'm still not convinced, I mean he's super cute, but it seems like alot of maintenance and we barely make it out the door on time as it is!  Mostly because he is ALWAYS reading!  Even here, we were walking out the door for dinner, and he had his nose in his book, this was almost the best picture I got!  He gets SO engrossed, we lose him for hours, we actually have to limit his reading!  CRAZY!

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