Sunday, April 07, 2013

iPhone Tales: 14

My little garden is growing! This bed has, cilantro, onions, lettuce, arugula, spinach, parsley and chives:-)

It was a cuddly afternoon!

I am trying to learn to see God in His glory, and stop making my relationship with Him so casual.  This passage spoke to me..."Blessed are those who FEAR the LORD, who walk in OBEDIENCE to Him"
Powerful stuff!

I'm claiming this verse for the next year!  We are buying that property, the one with no house!  And moving into a SMALL (for us) rental right NEXT DOOR to the property!  It's really amazing how it all worked out!  I am excited, scared, ready for the adventure, and yet terrified of it ALL at the same time!

Enjoying the rain!

 Spring Hat Parade day in Preschool!  Yay! (He's really not very excited...)

Just call our house Lego nation!  Not really but some days it feels like it!

Remember the Limoncello?  It's ready for consumption and ready to celebrate a GREAT friend's 40th:-) I used this recipe, with lemons instead of oranges obviously!

Golf:  It happens once a year, for a fundraiser...Once a's fun but we will never win!

The boys were happy to see us:-)  They spent the night at the grands, AGAIN, not that they are complaining:-)  It's awesome to have such awesome grandparents!  We are blessed with our ENTIRE family!

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