Sunday, March 31, 2013

iPhone Tales: 13

I'm quite sure there was a reason that this passage started out my week.

This was going to be my view from my kitchen, we are in escrow on this property, but it is not looking promising...long story...

Again, I am always surprised (not sure why this is still true...) but this was super relevant to me this week as well!  Love studying God's word!

I'm a hippy:-)  Well sort of crunchy at least, this is my new magnesium oil lotion, I put it on at night, I love it!  You can read about it here and here.

Again remember those lemons?  Well, THESE are candied lemon peel, I used Martha Stewart's recipe

We celebrated Tom's birthday with some cinnamon rolls for breakfast:-)  

As I said, thinking about moving, in escrow, to do list get TACKLED!  This is finished, it's beautiful, I am sad it won't be ours for long:(

The house is listed!  All clean and "decluttered"  ready for someone to fall in love:-)

My new Water Kefir bottles, via amazon.  fun stuff!

Open house tomorrow, boys went to Grandmere's and we went out.  THIS is rare, our drinks are NEVER the same color!

What do you do when your husband is throwing an Open House, and you've promised family that tomorrow you will have an amazing Lemon dessert for them...Why you head to your most gracious friend's house and destroy THEIR kitchen!  Seriously those are some GREAT friends!  This was the lemon pudding, it required LOTS of stirring.

Cooling...almost ready to be layered, in the most awesome trifle! 

So with the first property not looking so promising, we revisited this property from last week...It's beautiful too!  AND no house...perfect!  We will see...

The Trifle...I sort of made it up.  It's layers of:
Lemon Cake: here
Lemon Pudding: here
Blueberries and Strawberries
Whipped cream
and then topped with Candied Lemon Peel : here

The two book worms, this is how they roll, they play hard for a bit, and then they both retreat with their own books!


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