Sunday, May 26, 2013

iPhone Tales : 21

Quinoa burgers, back on the meatless monday bandwagon!

Found this in Holden's backpack, was relieved to hear this sweet little girl made one for everyone in the class:-)  I am NOT ready for notes from girls to come home!  Of course when they really mean something I will probably never see them:-/

Me two weeks into "no shampoo", and using oil to clean my face...I'm loving it!

This makes my heart smile:-)  Open House at Holden's school.

cookies for Preschool last day, I did this at 5:30 am INSTEAD of P90X:-)

Teacher gift ideas from Pinterest:-)

Filled with orange flavored or colored treats:-)

S'MORE camping kit:-)

Watch out!  This blanket is ALIVE!

Eye See You!

I think he is OUT!  Too bad I had to wake him up:(

Tom and I a little wine tasting in our new neighborhood:-)  PERFECT DAY!

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