Sunday, June 02, 2013

iPhone Tales : 22

Nehemiah 8:10, "...Do not sorrow, for the JOY of the LORD is your STRENGTH."  Also caught the call that in the midst of enjoying good foor and drink, we are to send some to those who have nothing prepared...

This is one of the FOUR mugs I have chosen to keep out for our adventure into the "small to us" house.  Given to me by a great and beautiful friend, it is girly, but it fits so nicely in my hand and the message is one I could use each and everyday.

My lunch view...I will miss this...

I've always wanted a tattoo, well for a long time now, it took me a while to decide what I wanted, I have had this design for a couple years, and I think it was Tom who said, "stop talking about it and just do it:-)"  So I made the appointment, and it's done!  It's perfect, the best reminder, no matter what I see in the mirror, or hear in my head, THIS IS TRUTH, I am the beloved of my creator.

I took a friend with me and the night ended up being a sweet evening with someone I don't get nearly enough time with!

Tom sent me this picture while I was out that night.  I'm glad I wasn't there...But I am glad he pushes the kids to do things that will conquer their fears and give them confidence, AND I was glad when I got home, he was safely tucked in his bed.

I was packing he was helping...I taught him to blow up the balloon then stretch the mouth out so it makes an annoying noise...why did I do that?

Donut muffins to celebrate his summer birthday at school:-)

 Healing nicely:-)

Today was my last Art Docent, we talked about Artists Paint Flowers...I brought in some inspiration for their projects.  Today Holden shocked me, his art work was so creative and amazing, a giant leap from simply following directions, his usual art effort.  This mama's heart was soaring!

Fishing at the driveway, this is at our friends house, the ones we will be renting from, our house is at the bottom of the hill driveway...right next door to the land we will be building on...

I asked Tom if we could take a break from packing and know just escape for the day.   He said YES!  SO we headed up to our NEW neighborhood coffee shop, and then up toward Lake Tahoe, we investigated some new campgrounds:-)  It was a glorious day!

Investigating the river, we saw a snake slither into the water from the rocks shortly after taking this picture, the boys were excited, my heart stopped...Boys!

Pretty nice day I'd say.

This love...Can't get enough of him:-)

Holden doing what he always does, WHEREVER he is:-)

Daniel just being Daniel:-)  He is a JOY!

Back to packing...I found this gem...Once upon a time I was a great employee...

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