Sunday, June 09, 2013

iPhone Tales : 23

Starting the day right...Reading through Nehemiah.

Finally got my vaccines for India, we are going in December.

There were quite a few, and I didn't even get all the "recommended" ones.

Dinner, easy, and quick, perfect for when you are packing up your home.

Daniel...Love HIM, His personality is AWESOME!

THIS is what Holden did the first day of Summer Break, I am pretty sure EVERYDAY will look likes this!

Do your kids "roam" while reading?  Lately it seems IMPOSSIBLE for him to SIT STILL!  Even while doing a sedentary thing like reading!

Dinner at CPK to celebrate the beginning of summer, the end of FIRST GRADE!  He was so excited because his good friend was going to dinner there too!  Was fun to run into them!

A little frozen yogurt never hurts to top off a celebration!  This guy is THE MESSIEST EATER alive!

Good to the last drop!

Yes please.

Packing...not my favorite activity, I am NOT looking forward to unpacking!  Even if it is less than half of what we packed/stored/sold/gave away!

Truth.  I want to live like this...

Saying goodbye...they are headed to Grandmeres for the move, when they come home it will be to the "small to us" house.  Bittersweet...but as long as I am with them, and Tom it will be great:-)  I prayed over them while they slept their last night here, just like I did with Holden before we moved to this house.  God holds their future, His plan for them is good...I trust Him.

This makes it turning back now, the new owners are moving in Monday.

Hello sun, nice to watch you wake up this morning:-)  Love catching beauty when I can't sleep.

I did it! ALL BY MYSELF!  I set up our small feat I tell you!  Especially after moving all day in 108 degree heat!

So...Our A/C in the new place isn't working, it was 108 today, it was over 90 in the house, we escaped...This is in our new neighborhood:-)  That ice water tasted SOOOOO good, so did the salty fries I got with my salad:-)  And of course the Ale that went with it:-)

One last final goodbye, the house is ready for the new owners.  Tom and I went outside to say goodbye to the backyard, the hardest part to leave, and he put his arm around me and kissed me.  I am blessed, I love walking this life beside this man, wherever this life takes us.

This is now my reality...Lots of work ahead!

BUT this is mysunset view, each and EVERY day.

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April Rowley said...

Why you guys going to India? Are you taking the boys?