Sunday, June 16, 2013

iPhone Tales : 24

SO yes, I did promise my son that the VERY first morning in the new house we would have waffles, and yes it took awhile to locate all the necessities  and find substitutes for things like measuring cups...but I did it!  Even amongst the chaos!

And this is where I get to eat my waffles:-)



Our first dinner party!

Tom's NEW office:-)

First bath in the new house... mid afternoon...after haircuts, with lollipops, the reward for sitting still while I cut.

Followed quickly by naps!

Tonight date night started at the storage unit.

At least it got better, with a new local find...and time with my favorite person (ignore the iPhone use...the waitress asked if we had a groupon, he was checking to see if he could still purchase it.) :-)

The road to our neighbors,'s good exercise!

Today we ventured for coffee, and the boys surprised me with these:-)

Happy Birthday Cousin Chad!

Ice Cream cake is GOOD!!!!


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