Sunday, June 30, 2013

CBS : Day 1

This summer we ventured to Campus By The Sea on Catalina Island, for their Family Camp.  Tom had been to CBS, for a spring break camp a few times in college, and I had vacationed on Catalina, many summers:-)  AND we had talked and we were looking for a vacation with a purpose, which this was sure to be.  Our friends who hail from UCSD alum, and who have attended family camp before invited us, long before they became our neighbors:-)

I had been in the desert with my family for a week, and Tom had joined us, so we headed to Long Beach from there.  I was totally ready for a week completely unplugged, and full of worship, family, new friends, and bible study!

It was quite sunny and windy on the trip over:-)

These were our accommodations for the week:-)  After camp staff schlepped our luggage up the hill we settled in a little bit until orientation and dinner.  The food was SO good for camp food!

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