Sunday, June 30, 2013

iPhone Tales : 26

I have gotten the chance to do lots of cooking on this vacation:-)  This was a TASTY beet and tomato salad.  YUM!

We brought oh I don't know 10 books with us, but then we went to my moms local library and he got 5  new books...The left is already read, right is current read.  We got these on Saturday, it's Tuesday!

Vacationing makes you TIRED!

I sent this to Tom...Holden is on left, Daniel on right.  Holden doesn't tan, Daniel obviously does a little.

From my run:-)  Another successful one!  The beauty of the mountains surrounding the desert.  Somehow they always feel welcoming.  This I love about the desert, the 120 degree heat, NOT SO MUCH.

Good verse to start my birthday:-)

Sending pictures to daddy:-)

THIS boy LOVES animals, especially dogs!  But even chickens, cats, anything really.

Last night Daniel slept with me...waking up next to my baby...sweet morning.

Birthday donuts a few days late so the SD Holdens could join in:-)  Or rather help eat all the extra calories:-)

It's TOO HOT here!

The heat + The pool + following Grandpa and the dog EVERYWHERE they go = 1 tired boy!

Cousins:-)  It's too HOT to be outside, we are readying for a big party, so movies are being watched.  The temp hit 124 this day!


This boy, my nephew, looks just like his daddy MY Brother...So glad to spend time together.

Daddy joined us, we had a big (90th Birthday) party, and now we are off!  A week away, completely unplugged at Family Camp, Campus By The Sea... Can't Wait!

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