Sunday, July 28, 2013

iPhone Tales : 30

 This is where we went on our outing...

Tom made me hike to here, and then climb these stairs...afraid of heights?  Why yes I am...

Discovered a new use for washi tape, forget a bandaid?  need to cover a blister?  Why yes it does work!

On our way home I had lunch with this guy.

I made some royal icing, I needed it BLUE, like REALLY blue!

I think I got it!

We ran out of blue m&m's SO I made the blue frosting green!

Lego cookies!

Holden was in a two week tennis camp, it was supposed to be 10 & under...the kid behind him was 16!  He was the shortest by a foot!  But he loved it and had fun!

 Guess who is turning 7???

 He woke up to his door blocked:-)

And his requested breakfast of hot cocoa, and strawberry stuffed pancakes:-)

His gift, the milenium falcon:-)  I am not sure who is having more fun with it!

visiting Beth's chickens

Having a water balloon fight to celebrate the littles turning 4!

A bunch of misfits:-)

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