Sunday, August 04, 2013

iPhone Tales : 31

Some mornings are for cuddling:-)  This boy LOVES to cuddle:-)

We have to entertain ourselves SOMEHOW at tennis:-)

somebody else got to wake up with his door decorated too!

What HE'S FOUR!  How did that happen? 

I had a funny text conversation with one of my friends kiddos:-)  Made me laugh out loud! and smile:-)

Holden's 7 shirt he requested it, we worked out the design together, and I sewed it in secret so he was surprised at the final product!  He still thinks I can create ANYTHING:-)

A little candle in his ice cream to celebrate turning 4.

AND off to ANOTHER camping trip!  SO fun!

Miss C, giving Tom his first ink!  The kiddos we were camping with figured out that sidewalk chalk and water made good paint, for rocks, and for skin:-)  So creative!

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