Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Camping : Donner Lake Edition

I only took pictures one day on this trip, so sorry, maybe someone else from the trip (Ahem Susan) can send me their photos:-)

Anyway, we headed up to Donner Lake for a quick camping trip with a group of friends before school starts.  We ventured up Saturday, had a YUMMY dinner of BYOBBQ and side salads.  The next day was slated a beach day, so we headed down to the lake:-)

I am SO thankful my boys have these friends, they are really special!  Pete was resident lake tour guide taking various trips with various riders out in the raft...

Jumping to swim to shore was a highlight of such trips.

Uncle D obliged in the Kayak, taking out one at a time for many trips!

Pete designed and made a found object boat, I think Holden "helped"

It didn't sail so well:-)

The crew...

Nothing sweeter than boys on the lake:-)

The next day we went tubing down the river, it was such a fun and relaxing trip!  I love trips like this, true getaways, and even better when shared with great friends!

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