Monday, August 19, 2013

A 4 year old and a 7 year old go to the doctor...

This was the reward...I had NO idea how desperately it would be needed.  Today we went in for the kids annual exams.  By some miracle we really only see the doctor ONCE a YEAR, and I am SO thankful for that!

This was also Daniel's first day of school.  Anyway, they did great, passed all their hearing tests and random development tests, everyone looked great.  And then it was time for shots.  3 for Daniel, Holden is done with shots.  Can I just say it was the most traumatic shot experience of my life.  My poor baby screamed with the first shot and continued well after the next two, in fact he was crying as I carried him out of the office, and most of the way home:(  I was so sad.

Thankfully we had dinner plans and I had promised dessert:-)  That seemed to ease all pain and sadness over the shots.  Daniel is definitely our dramatic one, the most joyful and happy, but also when sad or mad the most dramatic of those as well.

So for stats, pretty much same as always, 
Age : 7
Weight : 44 1/2 lbs (15%)
Height : 47 1/2" (39%)

Age : 4
Weight : 33 1/4 lbs (25%)
Height : 39 1/2" (25%)


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