Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our Last Camping Trip of the Summer

We WERE supposed to go camping ONE MORE time this weekend.  We had to get packed and on the road in a short amount of time!  But we did it and we were on our way, but as we got up the mountain, closer to Truckee...the visibility got TERRIBLE, our eyes were watering and throats got itchy.  It was JUST TOO smoky for us to want to stay overnight OUTSIDE in a tent!

So we stopped for dinner.  The boys were at first devastated, crying and saying they still wanted to camp. But as soon as we opened the doors to the car, their song changed, it WAS SO smoky!  So we had dinner and headed home.  What a BUMMER!

SO today we just stayed home, we, or Tom made a yummy breakfast we went to the farmers market, and then we were just home...It was SO nice.  Tom set up the hammock and then had to try it out:-)

Tonight we are having dinner and a campfire with our neighbors and Tom's family, can't actually complain too much about this weekend! 

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