Sunday, August 11, 2013

iPhone Tales : 32

The Poultry Palalace is almost ready:-)

This morning was VERY cold, and windy such a strange day for summer!  I had socks and layers on!

We went and picked blackberries today from our property!  What a blessing to be among the sheep and the hills of our land, and to pick some yummy fruit!

The sheep came to say hi and see if we could/would give them any of the bounty.

What are YOU looking at!

LOVE this picture!

The bucket is almost full!

A little light saber fight on the front deck?  Great way to start your morning!

This is the blackberry custard I made with the fruit we picked, it will soon be going in the ice cream attachment for my kitchen aid:-)

AND this is how I left the kitchen!  Yeah I am MESSY in the kitchen, and without a dishwasher, I hate to admit it but the kitchen looks like this a lot.

I love this pic, this is Holden getting the mail:-)  Living in the country I have to admit, it's more convenient to grab the mail on the way in than to walk to the mailbox:-)  I always thought I would never drive to the mail box, but now I do...oh well!

getting nice and frosty!

Oh I made a crisp too, with Farmers market peaches and more blackberries from our outing:-)  YUM!

The girls checking out their new surroundings...

The roosting bars...

Feeder and nesting boxes!  Hope they like it:-)

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Jo Little said...

omgosh... how are the girls doing. :) I see you had your first egg, are more coming.

Those blackberry yummies look amazing.

Country living ... love it!