Monday, October 07, 2013

Kinley Comes to Visit

Anyone who spends any time with Daniel knows he is definitely an animal lover!  SO when our friends asked if we could love on their beloved dog for a few weeks we of course said yes.  Knowing that this would be a catalyst that would eventually lead to us getting another dog of our own.  Ever since we lost Mocha, almost 7 years ago our hearts were just not ready for another dog.  BUT the boys on the other hand they WANT a dog, in such a bad way!

Today she went home after 3 weeks with us!  It was really fun, and seeing Daniel with her, really just melted our hearts!  Luckily so far it hasn't been too traumatic to give her back:-)

Here are just a couple pictures I managed to take while she was here with us.

We or I was initiated back to dog ownership within the first few see, Kinley scared the chickens the first day, so they ran up to our neighbors yard and went in their fence!  SO needless to say we had to herd them back into our yard!  SO I went to get them, while leaving Kinley inside.  When I retuned to our house, I realized...Kinley had torn open and EATEN EVERY LAST ONE of the treats her family had given us!  OOPS!  Guess I shouldn't have left them on the ottoman!  Oh well.  Luckily she didn't get sick, and I just went and got a box of treats so we could give her some while she was with us:-)

Daniel could often be found petting her, snuggling her, and saying things like, "Kinley my sweetheart", and "My sweet girl"  just loving on her.  Bedtime was not over until Kinley got a kiss and a hug from Daniel.  It really was SO sweet.  During the day he would take his beloved doggy and give it to Kinley in case she wanted a cuddle partner while she slept, and he was gone:-)

Elmo was also gifted to her while she was here, she looks impressed right?

I guess Holden was enamored too:-)  He drew this picture of Kinley the happy doggy:-)  The boys loved giving her her food, and treats.

She seemed to like it with us.  She especially loved chasing our chickens, which was a little scary at times, but thankfully no chickens were harmed:-) We love you Kinley thanks for staying with us!:-)

Looks like a dog is in our future:-)

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