Sunday, October 06, 2013

Jedi Craze

Here's where my lack of Star Wars knowledge will become apparent.  We went to a Jedi birthday party, all the kids got jedi costumes. In between Jedi training stations, my friend caught Holden doing this.  He's "meditating" I believe Luke did this in one of the movies?  Anyway, it was so funny as kids are running around crazy, Holden was really getting into the "jedi" aspect of the party:-)

A couple things I want to get down for Daniel:

 - Since moving to the country we are encountering a lot of flies, I was probably complaining about them getting into the house.  Daniel says, "don't worry mom if they get in we can just get them with the swy flopper!" I almost died laughing:-)

 - After reading the story of David and Goliath, Daniel was talking about what happened and he said, "David was little and he killed the giant Goliath...BUT he probably couldn't kill God!" I love the beginnings of trying to figure it all out, how it goes together and relates in their minds:-)

One last thing for Holden:

 - Holden has a shirt that says RADICAL on it.  The other day he asked me what radical meant, so instead of just telling him, we looked it up.  After talking about what it meant we wer giving examples.  And he said, "I want to be radical in my faith, radical for God", of course I said ME TOO! and we talked through some ways God might use us to be radical for Him.  I pray this is always His heart, even when he learns the cost of what this truly means.

I love my boys:-)

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