Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tuesdays with Daniel

Now that Daniel is in school 3 days a week, we are running around A LOT!  So Tuesdays are our day, a day where we stay home.  A day where we work together, play together, and read together.  I try to remind myself this time is fleeting, so if he asks me to put together a puzzle, I try to put down the laundry and the work and sit down with him.

Today we made bread, we did several puzzles, we read, we looked at pictures of him as a baby, and we just were.  We were together and I loved it.  We also did a TON of laundry, but mine didn't get put away until they were in bed:-)

He LOVED helping with the bread, it was fun having him count, and pour, and run the power:-)

Then he watched a bible story read along:-)  YES he stayed in his PJs until 230:-) I love this little guy SO much, and even though I am sad that Holden is at school ALL DAY, I cherish my tuesdays, a WHOLE day ALONE with this little guy:-)

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