Sunday, February 02, 2014

Weekends with Family...

So Saturday morning we checked in with the Peterson's...they were having a burn day (we got rain this week so EVERYONE was having a burn day:-)) We wanted to discuss site and landscape planning with Josh (he owns Verde Creations), SO we headed over there so they could man their fire and we could talk design!

MJ had built her own fire, and she was happy when her mom brought out s'more makings:-) MJ is quite the creative little girl, always creating, writing, sewing, and apparently building!

After our planning session the boys put a window in the clubhouse:-)  The kids already disappear here for hours "working" on it:-)  Just wait until it's finished!

Here they are working, oh wait I mean the men are working not the kids:-)

A happy dirty boy, until you tell him it's time to go home!

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