Saturday, February 01, 2014

Someday...Planning is Happening!

Today we headed out to our property, you know the one right next door from where we currently live!  So blessed!  We headed over there to stake out the newest floorplan, as laid out on the site!  It's so exciting!  As it stands this will be the view from our deck and out our living room, it should also be what I see while working at the island in the kitchen:-)

Tom is getting good at reading plans:-)  I can't wait to get the design all dialed in and pass the plans on to consultants!  And of course BUILD....Stay Tuned:-)

Forgot to add these:-)  This is our driveway cut.  I took these so I could sketch out our driveway entrance to show Tom what I have in my head:-)

Looking down our road toward the other houses.

Looking toward the main road.  See that house on the right, well mostly you can see the shed.  The house beyond the shed that's where we are living now!  SO close:-)  

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