Friday, January 31, 2014

Heard in Our House | 7 year old style.

The boys like to join for parts of cardio P90X, the yoga and kenpo mostly:-)

I had some time just me and Holden in the car today, he said a couple things that made me smile:

He had received/picked a prize for homework today, and had chosen an art thing.
H says: "Ages 4 to 104"
Me: "That's funny"
H: "I guess when I am 105 I won't be able to do this"

When we got to the place of our errand I said, "Come on in we won't be that long"
H: "How many minutes"
Me: "5"
H: "I have learned that sometimes 5 minutes feels like a long time."
Me: "what do you mean?"
H: "well when you are having fun it goes by quick, and when you are not it seems like a LONG time"

:-)  Love that kid!

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