Monday, August 28, 2006

1 Month

1Month...I can't believe it! 5 weeks ago I was wondering if our little one would ever come:-) Now he's been here a month! Although it is challenging trying to figure out what someone who relies on you for everything and can't communicate except for a cry needs/ has also been such an amazing journey already! So far we only see sleep smiles but I can't wait for ones that are really meant for me! Tom is an amazing father and it has been such a joy to have him help and watch him love on Holden! Ok so above is a pic of Holden at birth and now...and below is a pic of Tom...Where are the pics of mom and baby you ask? Well mom is the photographer in the family and so it has been difficult...some to come I promise!

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

I love the pictures of babies happily sleeping next to their daddies. The scruff tells a lot, too. Very sweet.

Anonymous said...

put on a shirt!!!!