Thursday, September 07, 2006

6 Weeks! Smiley Holdini

6 weeks what a journey! This week I had my post partum appointment...after 3 tries to see the Dr and being sent away twice due to deliveries...she said everything looked great and my blood pressure is back to normal...phew! Holden is doing well...This week both dad and I have had some sweet time with our son, time where he has responded to our voices and to the silly things we do!
Today I even got something that was sort of a laugh...but really it was just some other noise than crying accompanied by a smile! (and no it wasn't gas! you can tell the difference! My boy smiles!) He also decided to roll from his tummy to his back this week...I think its early so it may have been a fluke... but he is definitely not one to just lie there!
He's a great sleeper at night...during the day leaves a little to be desired...but I really can't complain! Adjusting to life on the outside is hard! you can tell when he needs to be reassured that all is ok...and when he misses things like effortless food supply in the womb:-) But we are all adjusting and I think doing great! This weekend we are heading to SLO to attend our good friends wedding reception...Holden is only 6 weeks and he has been to 2 weddings! We will update on how the traveling went! Posted by Picasa

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Amazing that he is rolling and stuff so early. Fluke or not, he rolled!