Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Dining Chairs

So as promised some pics of the new dining chairs at the table...I had so much fun setting the table up and taking pics with the tripod! I need to do this more...Anyways, didn't get too many of the whole chair...but you can get the idea...The red wall is sort of too dominant in the pics too but oh well...looks even better in person!

Here's a couple of just the table settings...Our table NEVER looks like this unless we have company coming:-)

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Carolyn, mommy to Lauren said...

Looks beautiful!! I'd love to see more pictures of your home! :)

Amy said...

Very nice. You do a beautiful job. Can I come over for dinner? hahhaa

Sapphire & Dana said...

Beautiful! Love how well the new chairs fit in with the table!