Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just Like Daddy

My Sister in Law, Paula gave me the idea for this post...I was telling her that Holden LOVES to play with his cousin MJ's play kitchen...BUT his favorite thing to do is rip the sink out of the kitchen as soon as he gets there...Paula said, "oh nice, just like his dad...he's doing his first kitchen remodel before the age of one!" It's true...he loves to get his hands on things and figure them out...taking parts off and investigating how they go together...he is not so great at putting things back together...but hey he isn't even 10 months old yet! You should have seen him when Tom had our church's projector over here...Tom had it set up on the floor and Holden came crawling over and looked over daddy's arm to see what he was was quite the picture:-)Anyway, just a fun picture...and a story:-) Oh yeah and sorry for the no pants...Holden hates having his diaper changed and sometimes its all I can do with baby wrestling to get a clean diaper on him let a lone his now that it is quite warm out sometimes, he goes in just a diaper...oh well good thing the cloth ones are cute:-)


Staci said...

Cute idea! Brody goes in just a diaper a lot too. He just squirms sooooo much when I try to change his diaper. Like you said, sometimes it's all I can do to just get the diaper on straight!

Sapphire & Dana said...

Hey don't feel bad, Karalee is only a month old and she's gone is JUST a diaper quite often! Lol I think you're going to have to keep an eye out as he gets older so he doesn't take apart that actual sink! Ha ha ha What a cutie!