Friday, June 01, 2007

Fountain Fun

Last weekend Tom and I took Holden down to Old Town for the jazz can walk around and hear the bands without paying to go into the tents...a big plus when you have a little one and you have no idea how long he will last! We had him in the stroller and as usual he was fine...he liked listening to the music...The river runs right along Old Town and there is a bike walking path that follows it...we took that and walked a ways where we found this fountain...Holden had so much fun!
He wanted to play in the Tom helped him...he thought the different water spouts were great fun...watching...touching...shrieking!
Love that smile! Having a little one is so get to see things for the first time all over again! Things you probably don't remember getting all excited about!
This weekend we are headed to SLO...can't wait...I have a list of restaurants to visit...and we are going to see our friends' band play on Sunday afternoon...Rhodes is playing at cisco's so we will take Holden...last time we were in SLO was in Sept...Holden was all of 6 weeks old...and we were there for our friend's wedding...I can't wait to take Holden to the beach for the first time!
Oh on a sleep update...Holden has been only waking up once around 4am and then sleeping till 8am...last night he slept from 8:30pm-6:15 am...yay! Maybe its a fluke or maybe we've turned a corner...who cares! Mama has gotten more sleep:-) Of course this could be the calm before the molar storm;-P


Staci said...

That fountain looks like so much fun! I need to find one of those for Brody to play in!

Laura said...

That looks like so much fun!! Yeah for Mama getting more sleep!!

carolyn said...

Sleep is GOOD! :) Can't wait to see pictures of your trip to SLO!

Amy said...

Great pics of the fountain. How fun!!! Glad you have been getting more sleep.

Sapphire & Dana said...

He makes me want to go find a fountain to play in! He has the best expressions I just love seeing the smile radiate from his lips to his eyes! Makes me smile everytime I see those pics!