Saturday, June 09, 2007

The SLO Life

We are blessed...This past Sunday we took a jaunt in this plane with Tom's dad as the pilot...and his mom next to me:-)...and landed in San Luis Obispo (1.5hrs beats the 5+ hour drive any day!) Holden could play with his toys, nap on mommy...and didn't have to be tied to a car seat...The flight out was calm and fun...we landed in SLO about 10:30am, and began a relaxing 3 days:-) After checking in our hotel...our first stop was Cisco's where we had lunch and heard some great musicians...the best of course was the band below...Rhodes...They are all such talented musicians and they have such professional stage presence...Anyway they were great...check out their website...and buy their CD:-) Rhodes
We also ate our way through San Luis...and let me tell you 3 days is not enough to enjoy all the fabulous food...Lunch at Cisco's...Dinner at Big Sky Cafe ...Breakfast at Linnaeas ...lunch at Splash Cafe (The BEST clam chowder)...Dinner at Firestone Grill...Breakfast at The Del Monte Cafe ...and Lastly Lunch at Mondeos...yumm...of course I know this only means something to people who have lived there...BUT trust me its all great food...oh and we had coffee from Uptown Espresso "Home of the velvet foam"...
> Ok, OK...Back to Holden times:-)
so Holden had some firsts on this trip...
first rental car ride:-)
First time hearing Rhodes ...
First time meeting his friends Maeve and Everette...

First time playing in the fountain at Linnaea's...(great fun spalshing around...and trying to throw his toys in:-))

First time saying bird, and pointing and chasing them:-) (well as much as you can chase while crawling)

First Clam chowder (LOVED IT!)

First grilled cheese (again LOVED IT! has had it many times since)
First time in a porch swing:-)

First trip to the beach (hence all the pics)...loved the sand and the water as you can see

First time to Avila Valley Barn (TWICE!) We are still enjoying the apricot crisp, and pluots:-)

First time touring Edna Valley wineries...well second if you count the time in the tummy:-) See pic below

He loved practicing his walking on the sand (which he is getting quite good least while holding on...he is also staying upright on his own for much longer periods of time...while he investigates his toys...or claps...VERY fun!)...we were both covered and soaked by the end:-)

Here he is smiling at daddy and the camera...he's very proud of himself...

This is at Claiborne & Churchill winery and the below pic was taken at Edna Valley Vineyard a mere 13 months! what a difference:-) We had so much fun...Thank you so much to Tom's really was a refreshing restful time...and a great time to see old friends and catch up! We love SLO...would live there if we could:-) and we miss everyone there:-)


Sorry for the mammoth post...I might of rambled a bit...its a tad late...and I have been meaning to post this these are my rambling thoughts;-P


Amy said...

What a great trip! I loved the "Then" and "Now" pic at the end :)

Staci said...

LOVE all the beach pictures! It's amazing how much different ya'll look in the '06 vs '07 picture!

Amber said...

Wow... the SLO life! We miss it so much. Great to see the pictures. We should all retire there some day when Hayden and Holden are going to Cal Poly!