Thursday, May 31, 2007

10 Months...

Well Holden turned 10 months old last Saturday...and today he took 1 unassisted step! He has been randomly standing on his own for a few seconds maybe 30...and today in music class he pulled up on me, let go and stepped toward his friend! Then of course he got down and crawled the rest of the way...but whoa! so close...of course it could be months before he actually walks:-)
So here is what 10 months looks like to us...

:Holden says, "Now let me tell you...":
:Holden weighs approx. 20lbs, according to my scale...not as accurate as the Dr...:
:I have no idea how tall he is:
:We had a stomach bug, but since then his appetite has been on fire!:
:He had his first muffin...banana with crushed up walnuts, wheat flour, flax seed, and maple syrup instead of sugar...kind of taste healthy...but hey...I liked them and so did he:
:Had soybeans for the first time...LOVED them so much so that mixed with the hummus, we had too many beans and a few sleepless nights poor guy! So now we have limited bean consumption!:

:eats most things...especially if mommy and daddy are eating them:

:Is VERY good natured and happy...very nice...does very well on most long as we are on the road by bedtime...8pm:

:Obviously went swimming for the first time see below...and LOVED it!:

:likes to throw balls...into a basket...he has pretty good aim...:

:makes noises for everything!:

:says, "whoa, dada(and means it), ba for everything"...and again you can see him trying to imitate what you are saying...see 9months :

:crawls like a maniac:

:is a "research scientist" according to grand mere...and a menace or "Holden the hurricane" according to just means he gets into everything and basically is destructive...very curios boy we have:):

:stands on his own for a few seconds...FINALLY walks while you hold his hands...:

:likes to talk on his cell phone:

:climbs up on everything...including stairs:

I think that covers it...but who knows
:he has 8 teeth:
:he can flush the toilet:

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Staci said...

He's growing so fast! Yay for the first step! Before long he'll be running!