Saturday, June 30, 2007

San Diego, Legoland, and my 100th post!

So today we headed to San Diego...this is the catch up with old friends and celebrate a wedding part of the trip...But today was see my family day:-) We came to hang out with Matthew and Paula and the kids...This is when I miss living in So. Cal the most...but anyways we drove down in my mom's car...Holden was ready to get out by the end...We decided to head to Legoland...we had never been and Matthew's family has season why not?"The concept of Legoland is pretty cool in that all the stuff is constructed of Lego's...BUT I really found the mini land or whatever its called to be fascinating as they had scale models of famous cities etc...the Las Vegas and San Francisco were my favorite...New York was cool with the new Freedom tower...and New Orleans was fun too...there are rides although with the little ones we were limited by attention level, time, and of course scary factor... This is how Holden viewed the miniland area...He finally woke up for the train in the kids play area:-)
Here he is investigating the sounds all the animals make...It still trips me out when I see him standing...and this weekend he started standing with out pulling up on stuff...its just weird my little guy is getting so big!
Here his cousin Lucy was showing him how to push the button to make the animal noises...
He's asking. "How do I do it again?"
She says, "Just push the button" She really loved helping out with Holden, and playing with him...she is 5...she wanted to know why she couldn't understand what he was saying when he talked to was priceless...she kept talking about baby Holden...and when he ate she sat next to him at the table the whole time...I loved watching the kids with him...its always so fun to watch other people love on your kid!Of course Holden had to check out the fountain you could play was warm out so Tom of course helped him play:-)This kid LOVES the water:-)
He has so much fun!
So much in fact he cried when Tom finally took him out...thought maybe we were going to have a major baby protest...Have I ever told you I am NOT a professional photographer! And I am DEFINITELY not a kid portrait photographer...It is impossible to get kids to sit together, and all look at the camera at the same time...I would much rather catch candid shots of them interacting, even if you can't see all of their faces...BUT alas we must try...Lucy and HoldenThe 3 kids with the dads:-)
It was so much fun visiting with Matthew and his family...I love anytime I get to spend with his wife Paula...I am blessed with her as a sister in law...and their kids are SO cute and fun and was a lot of fun...
I wish we had had more time with them...

Oh yeah and this is my 100th POST!!!!! yay! It took me less than a year!

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Staci said...

I love family time :) Legoland looks like fun! We'll have to take Brody when he's older.