Thursday, November 29, 2007

We Are Going on a Tree Hunt!

We're gonna cut a big one!

Well we ventured out on what has become and annual adventure to find our Christmas Tree...Its funny I grew up in the desert, so going and getting a tree involved going to a local lot, and picking it from the masses of already cut trees...It wasn't until I met Tom and in turn met Beth that I was introduced to tromping through the woods, or a tree farm to find your perfect tree...Well this year we drove to Georgetown to go to North Star tree farm, winner of the California Forest Stewardship Award!

Anyways so we drove a bit and came to this 90 acre farm...I have to say I really liked the layout and how you had to walk through different areas of woodedness to find the different species of tree...Holden loved the walking fact as seen above he protested being carried and wanted to walk most of the way...a big walk for a little guy! Slowed us down a but but it was fun!

But I do have to say I was disappointed in the tree species...Now I know I am picky...I like sparse trees with simple lines...I like ornaments to have plenty of space to hang...I LOVE silvertips...I settled last year and still loved my tree...this year we settled too...we will see how I feel when its decorated...I'm sure I will love it too! Next year though I am holding out for the silvertip...although they are about 3 times as much!

But the day was so much fun! We hung out with Beth and Josh and most of Josh's family, and David and Pam came too!

I snapped a few shots of Beth and Josh and MJ while we were picking our trees...It's too hard to do a shoot, and pick a Christmas tree, especially with several we will go out another day...

MJ looks like a porcelain doll from a different era...

Holden loved all the pine needles...he collected a ton! Here Grandpere is letting the needles fall over him and he thinks this is great fun!
Such a cutie!
Here it is folks! Our tree...It's fact Tom had to cut about a third of it off to fit in our 12' ceiling...but I liked how graceful the branches looked...we saw it on our way out, as I had given up finding "my" tree...I had seen a few I really liked...but they were specimen trees...I think one was 90 dollars...YIKES! No thanks...this one was 1/4 of that!
Proof that Tom really cut it! I tried to circle him in the photo but there is so much greenery I still can barely see him! We have so much greenery left from the bottom of the tree I am going to have to get going making some swags and stuff for decoration!
Ok that was our fun! Let the holiday season begin!

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