Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Shoot #1

Well another annual tradition born last year...Photos of the kids in cute holiday get-ups...Add that to the things I'd NEVER do as a parent! So here you are for your pain...just kidding it is fun and they are so cute! But man, its hard to get them to do what you want when you want and STILL snap a picture! Holden loved the rocks! Oh and the "binecoe" I gave him as a prop!
Thought this bridge was cool, but this was not the picture I imagined in my head:-) Good thing they are so cute!
He refused to let go of the sippy!
MJ was much more cooperative than last year! So there is hope! She's so fun right now!

Seriously folks, its nearly impossible to get any of them together!

And we're done! I had to resort to making faces...and MJ made one back at me! "Tante Anna enough with the paparazzi!"


Jamie said...

Beautiful! How do you get your color to pop so much? I have been trying to find a red sweater vest for Preston, couldn't find one anywhere, and I love the hats, both of them!

running shoes said...

You take such wonderful pictures! and out of curiosity... is your family French?

Robertson Family said...

Thanks! I use Brenda's actions found here....
We got the sweater at Children's Place I believe..or Gymboree...BUT really early, and they were almost out of sizes...
oh and our family is not french...but sister in law lived there for a while, and mother in law taught french is sometimes spoken around the children:-) And tante comes in as well as grandmere and grandpere...ok almost another post! woah!