Friday, October 17, 2008

Moms and Pumpkins!

Our moms group headed to the pumpkin patch again...this one had trains, animals, and fun stuff to do...and we got to go on a hay ride to get our pumpkins...It was quite a fun day...MJ, and Mis P settled in for the hay ride with their mamas...Here is Holden "reyaxin" on the hay ride...he is SO his daddy's son!

More, "reyaxin" and Mr. N...going out to pick the pumpkins...

We must have been later in the year this year, because the pumpkins were bigger, and there were more that had already started their compost back to the earth...Last year the adventure was different...

We still each found one and headed back as it was getting late! The kids all needed naps...each one was asleep in the car except for Holden...he held out for his rocking chair routine, and then proceeded to sleep 3.5 hours! and he still went to bed at 8pm! We have a sleeper!

Miss P lovin on her mama...and then passed out! Too much fun for her!

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