Sunday, July 26, 2009


This year I figured Holden would get the shaft for his birthday...I thought I would be just home with a new babe...then I thought I would be in the hospital...then the day came and I realized nope, I would just still be pregnant...What we didn't plan on is that his cousin, Baby A, would be born early (34 weeks) on the early morn of his birthday...we were all exhausted because we had been up and worried about the delivery...and Grandmere and Grandpere had been at the hospital and then had been with MJ...But I wanted him to have his special day:-)

My guy is 3...I can't believe it!
This year presents were the most fun yet! He was excited about each one and wanted to play with them as soon as he opened them!...

In fact he was taking so long with each one, MJ had to keep bringing him back to reality and the task of opening:-)

This is "Mater" a tow truck that really tows...a specific request from him...

Great Aunt Sandy got him this awesome pilots hat, and a Mater for his well as a book about Greene and Greene architecture that I love and I am sure he will appreciate much more in a couple years! But I am excited about it and have already learned from it:-)

Another request was a "Mater" cake...normally I would have MADE the cake...but you know I thought I would have a newborn by now:-) So we found this Mater and got a yummy ice cream cake...put it on top and Holden was THRILLED!

Again, this was by far the best cake/singing yet!:-) He sang Happy Birthday with us to himself! I love it!

MJ liked the cake too!

OK here is what 3 looks like to us:-)

::36.5" tall::
::just a hair under 30 lbs::
::Actually talked to the Dr. this time, and talked to us the whole time the Dr. and nurse were in there:-)::
::Has all his teeth, thank goodness!::
::Has been FULLY potty trained for 5 months!::
::Ready to start preschool::
::Hmm obviously eats cake, and really everything sweet::
::LOVES to eat at restaurants::
::Actually eats meat! Mostly to get dessert, but is eating more than just a few bites:-)::
::Still loves him some cheese...even asiago, and goat!::
::Eats a ton of vegetables...but don't call them vegetables because he will say no...must be exact, carrots, broccoli, etc...::
::Loves fruit::
::would drink only milk (big boy milk now for 10 months) if you let him!::

::He is great at sharing...and gets VERY upset when others don't::
::Still an amazing sleeper! We are SO blessed::
:: Still naps at least 1.5 hours a day! Thank goodness!::
::Says, "mommy I yove you!" Many times a day...and anytime he thinks he is in trouble:-)::
::He is the great negotiator, always giving another option for amounts of minutes, books, bites, cracks me up!::
::Tells all kinds of stories::
::Loves to pretend play...he and cousin MJ are currently on a wedding and baby having kick:-) Although he is usually a pilot flying them on their adventures::
::Still into all kinds of autombiles...Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel MaryAnne are a favorite right now::
::knows his colors, can count to 10 well and over that a bit, knows a few letters, and can write and H, M, T, and X...::
::Still loves to read and visit the library::
::Still my happy guy::
::Has become a comedian over the past year::
::Still quite stubborn and can throw quite the tantrum::

:: Loves to help, and this has helped with his eating, as he is more willing to try something he has helped prepare::

:: I love this age ::

This is his 3 year outfit...with "fishies" per his request...and an H not a 3...Sorry about the picture...I don't iron and I was rushed to get this taken...its really cute! And the shorts are to die for!

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