Thursday, December 10, 2009

Preschool Polar Express

Umm, so have I mentioned that Holden has the BEST preschool teacher?  Ms. Wendy is AWESOME!  I am so glad my friend talked me into transferring him into this class!  She takes pictures of the kiddos during preschool and hosts awesome preschool parties, and just for Christmas she set up a Polar Express day!

The kids came in their PJs and she had made them a ticket..."santa" had left each of them a bell under their seats, I mean come on!  And they had a hot chocolate and donut snack!  You would think Holden was in heaven! 

He was SO looking forward to it...

But OH my little guy...not sure if he is just so attached to routine or what...the day was overwhelming for him...first, he didn't want me to leave...then he had a moment where he "needed me"  luckily Ms. Wendy's lap makes a good second for mommy...he was fine when I picked him up, if they hadn't told me when I picked him up, I never would have known...

I am so thankful for Ms. Wendy and Ms. Danica!  They have made the transition to preschool pretty easy for my little guy...what fun!

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