Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And SO it Begins...

Today this boy entered 1st grade, not only entered but didn't even NEED me to take him into class or ANYTHING.  Not that I wanted tears but geesh!  Last year the teachers sort of held our hands, they gave us some idea before school started of what to expect...this year NOTHING, no info at all, it was all about showing up the first day with a lunch and saying goodbye for 6+ LONG hours! 

I tell you it was WEIRD!  Not having my boy home all day, knowing he was at school and not at a friends or family members!

We got haircuts (well I gave them haircuts:-)) for the big day, and he wanted the hawk, so we gave it to him:-)  And there was a bit of a fight over the collared shirt but I'm so glad for the first day pictures:-)

I dropped him off with a kiss, and then hung out with a friend, Daniel and I leisurely shopped and sampled our way through the farmers market and Whole Foods, and then we came home, had lunch and played for a while BEFORE we went to pick Holden up!  It was SO LONG!  Have I already said that?  

Daniel must have asked 20 times, "WHEN are we going to pick up Holden?", and I said to him, "Not for A LONG time" so many times that he started saying, "After dinner we will pick him up!"  Thank goodness not THAT long!

When we did pick him up he was quiet for a bit and maybe a little tired, but then he became silly and sang a song that goes, "First Grade ROCKS, First Grade ROCKS!" you get the picture!  He loves his teacher, likes seeing his friends, and is ready to go back again!  He loved having 3 recesses, and everything about it!  SO glad!

I think in the absence today he grew up a lot, he was so funny and entertaining at dinner it was fun to see:-)

This kid HAD to get in on the first day pictures, even though his first day is NEXT thursday.  Did I just say that?  My BABY starts school in a week???  Ahhh where did the time go?

I snapped this at school shot, right before he kissed me and waved goodbye...I fought back the tears and went to get Daniel to start our day together.

He was definitely thrilled with the one on one attention the day with Holden in school allowed him.

And then we ended the day with a celebratory dinner at CPK, Holden's choice.  And we ran into friends, how great is that?!  

What a perfect first day!  Thank you God for being with us, for being with my son when he is in school.  For our many blessings.  Summer was great, life is good, God is good!


superseany said...

Oh my word, I love these pictures! And I LOVE your blog design. Way cooler than mine. LOL

Jo Little said...

those hair cuts are the best!!