Sunday, February 10, 2013

iPhone Tales | 06

Sunday we came home from the hospital, the boys stayed with Grandmere and Grandpere, one more night so Tom could be home and get settled before the peace was broken with our boys:-)
So on Monday we were quite shocked when Daniel came home looking like this:

Apparently Daniel was happily riding in the wagon, with Holden pulling him, when Holden took a sharp turn and let go of the wagon, and Daniel's face met the ground.  The grands said that he came in crying about his ear, and they never noticed the scratches until later in the day!  Serious road rash on his face!  But he still smiles:-)

This bump took a while to was pretty tender.  But I think he liked all of the attention he got:-)

Thank goodness for friends who call and say, "I'm bringing you a meal I will be there at ___" No chance for me to say no thanks!  I really appreciated this meal today...I didn't think I needed it but I did.  

After talking about it for over a year and asking for the piano teacher's number 3 times, I FINALLY called and set up Holden first piano lesson, starting next week!

This guy had to bring his bear to school to pick up Holden.  This bear was given to him by a SWEET friend who helped us out when we forgot, FORGOT his doggy camping!  After the worst night of sleep, I mean being strangled and NOT sleeping, she produced this out of their car and it's been love ever since!

This guy wanted to get in on the actions:-)

This kid LOVES balloons I do not!  BUT he has gotten to where he asks the people in the store if he can have one, so there you go.  Who would/could say no to this face?

Tom made pancakes this Saturday morning, so sweet, although he said I ruined it by putting my homemade chocolate sauce on them!

 Having a husband who is recovering slowly has one perk.  Saturdays at home!  I reorganized my pantry and realized that Tom MAY be right, I MAY have a bit of a jar hoarding problem! And this is after STOPPING collecting them for about 3 months!

Ahhh Order!

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April Rowley said...

I also have a jar collecting problem, only I have such limited space I am forced to throw some out once I have reached capacity. I have even started moving them to my classroom!